About Us


Triumph Consulting Corp.'s clients come to us through referrals from past customers and Word of Mouth Marketing. This means every single client has to leave our offices not only satisfied, but overly satisfied.

We provide a professional yet personalized service to meet the needs of every client, handling all aspects of filing insurance claims for homeowners and business owners.

Triumph Consulting Corp. knows every aspect of property insurance. We are skilled at deciphering and interpreting insurance contracts, and are experts at preparing, presenting and negotiating claims on your behalf.

Our Process

1.Free evaluation of your insurance policy coverage(s)
6.Arranging for emergency services
2.Inspection of potentially covered damages
7.Assisting with temporary housing needs
3.Notification of insurance claims
8.Contractor referrals for reconstruction
4.Estimating of property damages
9.Getting you the money you deserve
5.Negotiating maximum settlements with Insurance Company