As soon as we met with sean, both me and my wife knew he was the best person for the job. he was professional, reassuring, prompt, easy to reach and HE GOT ME PAID !! i would highly recommend sean murray and triumph consulting. we hired sean murray with triumph consulting at the onset because of stories i had heard about dealing with insurance companies from family and friends. everyone suggested hiring a public adjuster and we are so glad we did. sean murray had done work for both my brother and my cousin and came highly recommended and we highly recommend him too.

Description of work:

our house developed a small hole in a plumbing pipe under the concrete slab and was leaking forty gallons per hour under the concrete slab. a leak location company found the leak to be directly below our master bathroom shower floor. with sean murray's help, we contracted with a plumber to cut down in to the slab and in to the dirt to repair the leak. the plumbing problem was now solved but we were left with a large hole in our master bathroom shower floor. the insurance company was being difficult with paying the claim adequately. the initial money they offered would barely cover the cost of the leak location and access to do the repair, and certainly was way too little to cover the cost of fixing our bathroom back in the manner that it needed.

David Leeman,

My condominium was severely damaged because of a very bad plumbing event (toilet and bathtub backup). There was raw sewage and water everywhere and about 50% of the condo was totally destroyed, including a bathroom, bedroom, living room and hallway. With no experience in a situation like this, i was overwhelmed, lost and didn't know my next move. The company that performed the clean-up, recommended i have a chat with Triumph Consulting. I didn't know what Triumph Consulting was or what kind of work it did. Spoke with Sean Murray, and he was on site the very next day. In a very professional, calm and reassuring way, Sean explained what Triumph does and how he could help. Because of Sean's demeanor, and professionalism, i turned the process over to him. Triumph filed the insurance claim, made arrangements with the insurance company to perform their damage assessment and was onsite for that assessment. In addition, Triumph, performed its own professional damage assessment. The insurance company engaged in a very long, drawn-out and frustrating process, including numerious frivolous demands for documents and not abiding by state-mandated time limits. Triumph were on to them and recommended suing, after the insurance company's delaying tactics became obvious and blatant. Triumph recommended the attorney. In the end, the insurance company, in a timely manner, settled before trial for the amount Triumph recommend. Never having experienced property damage, I discovered how amazingly traumatic and overwhelming it can be. It can lead to literal tears, frustration and all sorts of negative emotions. Previously, I never heard of a "Public Adjuster", or the kind of work one does. Well...now i know and i can say without hesitation, the people at Triumph Consulting ( those who work in the office and those who work in the field), with their outstanding professionalism, calmness, assuredness, measuredness and confidence, resulted in me getting the funds (from the insurance company), that was needed for the repairs of my property. These guys are the consummate pros and I'm lucky to have had them on my side when i needs help.

Barrington Scott,

"Stepping out from my shower one day I saw a puddle of water on the bathroom floor. I had my handyman rechaulk my shower door frame. The next day the puddle was back. So I called my Plumber. He identified my problem as a faulty shower pan. He then gave me your card to call for help. Your staff of professionals did everything. From photographing to estimating the damage to calling and settling with the Insurance company. Then referring a great General Contractor. You have a one stop shop! Now I have a complete new bathroom thanks to you and your staff."

Betty Thomas,

"A few months ago I had a water leak under my kitchen sink that ruined my cabinets. I called my Insurance company and filed a claim. After my deductible, they sent me a check for the damages that totaled $250.00. A friend told me to call your office. After talking to one of your experts, he re-opened my claim and not long after that I received an additional $17,000.00 for my damaged kitchen. I recommend everyone with a problem to call your experts."

Mrs. Colon,