Denied Insurance Claims Fort Lauderdale

Like most Americans, you’ve bought home insurance hoping that you’ll never have to make a claim. Unfortunately, inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances have taken their toll on your home. The only thing more frustrating than facing home damages is facing denied insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale. Has your home insurance provider denied your insurance claim, undervaluing your damages and frustrations? At Triumph Consulting Corp., we can help you secure the claim settlement that you deserve. To our public adjusters, a denied claim is just the first step in securing the proper settlement. Whether your home damages are big or small, we can work to reopen a denied claim and pursue your just insurance settlement. Home damages are challenging enough, you shouldn’t have to fight the insurance company on your own.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Fort Lauderdale, FLA growing number of people are beginning to realize that their insurance company isn’t exactly on their side. Insurance companies employ countless insurance adjusters of their own to work towards offering you the smallest payout possible. In fact, many insurance companies even attempt to trick you into signing paperwork which relinquishes their responsibility for further payments. Our public adjusters at Triumph Consulting Corp. work to pursue your best interests. With our help, many clients have enjoyed higher payments for their insurance claims, with 574% higher payouts for regular claims and 74% higher for catastrophe claims than homeowners who did not opt for our services.

At Triumph Consulting Corp., we understand that you’ve gone through difficult situations to warrant filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. Our goal is to offer your family the help they need to begin putting the pieces back together. We offer our public adjusting services at no initial out of pocket cost. We only charge a small percentage of the amount of money you receive for your claim. Our public adjusters only get paid if you get paid. We’ve developed valuable connections with our clients over the years through our providing of quality service and personalized assistance.

To the average homeowner, a denied insurance claim is the end of their settlement road. At Triumph Consulting Corp., we think that denied insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale are the first step towards getting the settlement that you deserve. We can help reintroduce your claim to your insurance company, presenting the necessary information to help secure the settlement that you deserve. Our public adjusters will work as advocates for you, the policyholder, apprising and fighting for the settlement that you need to secure adequate repairs for your home damages.

Many people assume that they can only file a home insurance claim for catastrophic damages. If you’ve filed a claim for a small damage and your insurance company has denied your claim, we may still be able to fight for your interests. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, seeking the insurance check that can help you finance the repairs that can get your property back to normal. Before you accept a denied insurance claim or assume your damages are too small to file a claim in the first place, give us a call at (954) 592-7162. Our public adjusters are here to help.